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Moody’s joins CSR Europe

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Moody’s is pleased to announce that it has joined CSR Europe as a corporate member, reflecting its commitment to integrity, diversity and inclusion, and strengthening local communities. 

This commitment comes at a time when both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and collaboration for sustainability are becoming increasingly important for business. By joining the CSR Europe’s network of 11,000 companies Moody’s will be able to further enhance its CSR activities and outreach in Europe.

Stefan Crets, Executive Director at CSR Europe said: “We are pleased to welcome Moody’s to our network. By joining a leading Business Network like CSR Europe, Moody’s demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. Active participation in the network, will provide an opportunity for continuous improvement and mutual learning.”

At the core of Moody’s global CSR programme is Reshape Tomorrow, a financial empowerment initiative to help people, especially women and members of untapped groups in developing markets, to succeed in growing a small business. Moody’s CSR work also focuses on activating an environmentally sustainable future by helping markets better assess the value of environmental sustainability  and helping young people reach their potential by providing mentorship initiatives, skills-development programs, internships, and other educational opportunities for students.

More information about Moody’s work in CSR