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Measuring Biodiversity Impact Across Your Value Chain

Monday, November 4, 2019

The business-led platform “Biodiversity & Industry” is gathering partners interested in collaborating to enhance their Net Positive Impact on biodiversity. Companies will benefit from CSR Europe’s strategic partnership with the European Commission’s EU Business @ Biodiversity (B@B) Platform. Register to the Kick-Off Web Meeting on 20 November 2019.

The dependency of a company on living and non-living organisms, also known as ecosystem services, is affecting every business regardless of organization size, location and sector. Businesses, which rely on the world’ stock of natural assets such as soil and water, are increasingly aware that they need to look at the big picture – how their activities are linked to biodiversity and ecosystem services– in order to thrive. However, quantifying the impact of companies’ value chain on biodiversity is highly challenging as there is no universal methodology. How can then companies set more targeted and measurable environmental goals, and commit to achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity?

The issue was addressed by CSR Europe together with Bridgestone, Cocacola, Ecolab, Iberdrola,Titan and Vattenfall at the Workshop “Collective Action for Biodiversity & Industry” on September 24.  Participating companies defined key ‘hot spots’ to shape the business-led collaborative platform “Biodiversity & Industry” to measure corporate biodiversity impact, and more broadly to make the value chain more sustainable. The platform will roll out over a two-year pilot period (2019-2020) and will centre around two workstreams:

  1. Measuring Corporate Biodiversity Impact via tested global measurement tools
    • Companies to pilot test measurement tools
    • CSR Europe, in collaboration with the European Commission, to facilitate and guide companies on measuring corporate biodiversity impact. The purpose is to define a common framework for reporting.
  2. Pilot local joint initiatives with a methodology for action in the value chain
    • Needs and Risk Assessment: Mapping of the value chain
    • Define “Hotspots”: locations in the value chain with poor biodiversity or biodiversity loss where companies can join forces and enhance net positive biodiversity impacts
    • Search for business opportunities and develop local actions to support local economies and identify cost-effective investments

Join the Collaborative Platform

By participating in the Collaborative Platform on Biodiversity & Industry, your company will:

  1. Enhance the net positive biodiversity impacts of its value chain by building capacity;
  2. Improve Corporate Biodiversity Performance by assessing and managing risks;
  3. Strengthen and build sustainable partnerships with stakeholders and investors;
  4. Ensure long-term sustainable impact;
  5. Benefit from CSR Europe’s strategic partnership with the European Commission’s EU Business @ Biodiversity (B@B) Platform.


CSR Europe has already developed a project plan, which will be under discussion until November 2019. Registrations for the Kick-Off Web Meeting on 20 November 2019 are open. The platform itself is expected to be launched in December.

For more information:

Bernedine Bos

Director Business Transformation

Soni Kanabar

Project Manager