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Management of Complaints

There is increasing evidence to convince companies of all sizes that upfront investment of time and resources in stakeholders relations are an essential part of doing business that will ultimately save resources further down the line as well as reputation and future outlays. Even minor complaints can escalate if left unattended. 

Many companies today see the business case for setting up effective grievance mechanisms to help address and prevent complaints with employees and communities impacted by their operations.

To address the need to enhance the process of dealing with complaints and the need to illustrate the practical application of the 8 effectiveness criteria – as outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business & human rights – CSR Europe has developed the Management of Complaints Assessment (MOC-A) tool.

Engage in the assessment

1. Participate in the MOC-A assessment process:

The renewed offer includes: an introductory webinar, individual company interviews, individual company report, and a conclusive workshop. Express your interest by filling this form to register your interest no later than April 29.

2. Become a certified MOC-A assessor:

This offer is open to CSR Europe’s National Partner Organisations that are interested in setting up a MOC-A country-specific benchmark. For more information please contact Alice Pedretti.

3. Set up a sector-specific MOC-A assessment & benchmarking:

This offer is open to industry associations interested in setting up a MOC-A sector-specific benchmark. For more information please contact Alice Pedretti.

Discover the benefits of the MOC-A Tool.