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Stakeholder Dialogue


Does your company need a better grasp of your stakeholders' interests and needs in order to develop a more effective CSR strategy or project?

Stakeholder dialogues are increasingly used by companies as a mean to regularly involve their direct and indirect stakeholders (customers, suppliers, distributors, peers, etc) in the definition and implementation of their CSR strategy. The process not only empowers the stakeholders, it also gives the company a clear framework on managing change, consolidating its CSR and business approach, ultimately building its reputation.

Our offer:

  • CSR Europe designs and executes – from concept to evaluation and impact monitoring –a stakeholder dialogue that is tailored to the company's core strategic needs.  
  • As well as coordinating the dialogue sessions, CSR Europe also provides member companies with feedback and input on their existing CSR strategies, covering specific focus areas and critical aspects such as materiality and performance.
  • CSR Europe’s large pan-EU network of companies, National Partner Organisations (NPOs) and stakeholders such as the European Commission, national governments enables us to reach out to experts and organisations relevant to each business.

For more information please contact Paula Byrne