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We offer our Corporate Members and National Partners Organisations a platform for continuous learning and capacity building to integrate sustainability in management systems and reporting practices. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of practices and collaboration with peers on challenging CSR and sustainability management issues.

Our efforts focus on 3 primary practices:

  1. Stakeholder engagement
  2. Maturity and integration approach
  3. Sustainability integration reporting

Working Groups

We have recently launched a new approach to the learning network activities with setting up 2 working groups: 1) Non-financial Reporting, and 2) Investors Engagement. The members of our working groups will engage in workshops, webinars and collection of good practices to draw practical suggestions and outcomes.

Each working group aims at:

  • Having a more structured approach to sharing practices
  • Addressing individual companies’ needs more efficiently by targeting smaller groups
  • Setting a common challenge and goal within the group and guaranteeing practical outcomes
  • Sharing key learnings from the working groups with the network

Working group 1) Non-financial Reporting

Non-financial reporting and disclosure is a valuable tool for companies to measure, manage and communicate efficiently to relevant stakeholders about non-financial topics and sustainability. The working group provides companies with an opportunity to discuss reporting practice for:

  • Enhancing the use of reporting as a tool in all companies (beginners and more advanced)
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders to integrate their valuable feedback in reporting practice and usage
  • Discussing how to measure and communicate impact through reporting and beyond

Working group 2) Investors Engagement

Investors engagement through CSR and sustainability is necessary for companies to understand how environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and are integrated in their value. In this context, the working group aims at:

  • Mapping the current state of play and practices in engaging investors
  • Drawing suggestions for improvement
  • Identifying tools for effective engagement with investors on CSR and sustainability matters


Download info-sheet about the working groups.

For questions and interest in joining the working groups, please contact Joanne Houston at


Upcoming events

November 20, 2018: Workshop: Non-financial Reporting

November 21, 2018: Workshop: Investors Engagement


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