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Through the learning network, CSR Europe provides companies with continuous learning and capacity building to integrate sustainability in management systems and reporting.

The activities focus on:

1. Internal stakeholders engagement

  1. Top management: business case and decision makers engagement
  2. Different departments (e.g. starting with HR, Finance, Procurement, Risk)
  3. Operations: from global to local engagement
  4. Performance Management

2. Maturity and integration approach

3. Sustainability reporting and Integrated reporting

  1. Cooperation with key stakeholders to support companies in the mapping of key frameworks
  2. Follow up integrated reporting and integrated thinking


  • Webinars on relevant trends, issues and practices.
  • Workshops to give members the opportunity to discuss and work on relevant topics by sharing practices and designing joint solutions.
  • Centralised collection of good practices from members to provide companies with practical examples of sustainability management approaches.

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