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EU Directive on non-financial information disclosure update


  • Incubation: European laboratories involving companies, stakeholders and the European Commission to test the idea of a directive on non –financial information

  • Negotiations: CSR Europe engaged until the very latest stage of negotiations with Greek EU presidency who supported the adoption in April 2014 and follow up with Italian Presidency in second half 2014

  • Preparation: CSR Europe and its member companies involved in the expert group drafting the directive, involving other major EU stakeholders, business organisations, Commission officials and European Parliament Rapporteurs Baldassarre and Howitt

  • Current phase: CSR Europe and its members participated in the EC consultation for the development of non-binding guidelines 


  • Webinars: to share the latest updates on policy development and country-by-country implementation across Europe.
  • Events: to bring stakeholders together including EU institutions to enhance continuous dialogue on policy and implementation
  • CSR Europe – GRI platform: CSR Europe has partnered with GRI to set up the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive Platform, an informal discussion platform, which will allow businesses and civil society to come together and share information in order to support effective implementation of the EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups.

To join the platform and/or to receive more information please contact Lorena Sorrentino at

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