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Making Japan-EU business collaboration on the UN SDGs very practical

Friday, September 15, 2017

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have provided a language that enables us to seek alignment on our efforts towards a sustainable economy and society.

Both the Japanese Government and the European Commission have embraced these 2030 Global Goals and also stressed the importance of collective action to achieve them.

Mr Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, announced “the use of private sector know-how, technology, and financing are indispensable to the achievement of the SDGs. At the same time, it represents a great challenge for companies. The SDGs offer business opportunities”.

Mr. Timmermans, First Vice President of the European Commission mentioned in May 2016 that it is “Our intention is to make the implementation of the SDGs, like the circular economy, a team effort”.

Collaboration between Europe and Japan on the SDGs is therefore a logical next step. Recent research by the Business Policy Forum Japan, supported by CSR Europe, shows a strong level of alignment between European and Japanese companies.

An Incubator for Practical Action

That is why CSR Europe, together with the CBCC (Council for Better Corporate Citizenship) of Keidanren (Japanese Employers Federation), the Business Policy Forum Japan and the Japan Business Council Europe, have developed a platform to incubate practical action by Japanese and European business.

On the occasion of the governmental Japan-EU Industrial Policy Dialogue on CSR (taking place on November 7), CSR Europe and its Japanese partners will organise a specific Japan-Europe CSR Business Dialogue meeting on November 6. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together several leading companies, willing to explore potential collaboration towards one or more of the prioritised SDGs.

The meeting will be combined with several visits to some of the corporate headquarters of Japanese companies under the topic “innovation and sustainability” thus providing a unique opportunity for European companies to get firsthand information on what leading Japanese companies are doing. Japanese businesses have solid experience on sustainability leadership and strongly believe in collaboration to achieve the SDGs.

Participants will also have the unique opportunity to attend the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum Tokyo.

detailed programme is available. If you are a member of CSR Europe and interested in this unique opportunity, please contact Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe