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KPMG - The Professional Services Sustainability Initiative (PSSI)

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

There is a lack of transparency, completeness and comparability in the management information provided by travel management companies to business and a reluctance to change current practice for the good of business and society at large.


The initiative was kicked off at a meeting in May ’08, where the challenge was recognized across the Professional Firms sector. Following an initial brain storm on how to change our organizations attitudes to business travel, we identified the procurement of business travel as a key influence of change in this issue. Fact: the 6 founders of this initiative are all in any top 10 client list for all major airlines and therefore have significant buying power.


There is a need for more resource to help facilitate this group and to grow the network outside theUK. Obviously the wider the support from CSR Europe members the larger the influence.

We would hope that this could lead to some form of EU policy change in the standardization in  supplier contracts. This could be through a mandatory Suppliers code of conduct and human rights standard which has broader implications.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Convened the group
  • Comparative analysis of CO² emissions from air and ground transportation
  • Scoped initial project and identified a potential secretariat team to develop Terms of references, although more resources is required.
  • Consensus on measurement and management information to be incorporated into travel contract. If 6/10 top clients of an airline informed the airline that the this is how we want the information presented we could have key influencing role in CO² information management & transparency.

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