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Added on 22-03-2013




Pilot year – 2010/11 ; Re-launch – 2011/12

Business challenge

BRIGHT: KPMG using BRIGHT minds to help create a BRIGHTer world. 58 KPMG BRIGHT minds provided more than 2400 hours of pro bono valued at €500K for 3 community partners: Fair Trade Africa, Restless Development and Child Helpline International – in multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams – in 7 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our people have developed a Fair Trade financial training programme to help hundreds of farmers to better manage their businesses; we have worked with Restless Development to provide much needed employability training advice for young people in developing countries and we have helped to strengthen the capacity and operational excellence of all our partners.

The challenges BRIGHT addresses are as follows:

  1. Supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals and KPMG’s Global Development Initiative.
  2. Increasing employee engagement and participation in CSR.
  3. Contributing to the learning and skill development of KPMG employees/ embedding CSR within Learning and Development.
  4. Making the shift from non-skilled to skilled volunteering.
  5. Increasing pro bono work conducted by KPMG.
  6. Combining all ELLP and EMA firms in a multi-disciplinary objective.


The objectives of the solution are as follows:

  1. To contribute to the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals and support KPMG’s Global Development Initiative.
  2. To increase employee engagement and participation in CSR within KPMG.
  3. To contribute to the learning and skill development of KPMG employees/ embed CSR within Learning and Development at KPMG.
  4. To make the shift from non-skilled to skilled volunteering at KPMG.
  5. To increase pro bono work conducted by KPMG.
  6. To combine all KPMG firms in a multi-disciplinary and multi-national objective.

The implementation process of the solution is as follows:

Bright has two components: Local and Global. Locally, people in member firms are encouraged to apply for BRIGHT by submitting a BRIGHT idea regarding socially or environmentally innovative ways they can support the local community. Globally, the winners of the local BRIGHT challenges are deployed with their colleagues in multi-national and multi- disciplinary teams to take up specific technical placements supporting the alleviation of poverty in Africa and the MDGs.

The internal/external stakeholders involved in implementing the solution:

  • KPMG volunteers/BRIGHT participants
  • KPMG BRIGHT coordinators
  • International NGO partners (Fairtrade Africa, Restless Development, Child Helpline International).
  • Local African people who are the recipients of the work of the NGOs and our KPMG BRIGHT participants.


The challenges/lessons learned from BRIGHT:

  • Implementation of local BRIGHT ideas can sometimes be challenging due to the complexity of some ideas and subsequent high demand for resources needed for implementation. In the future, the realities of implementing each idea will be considered more when selecting winners.
  • This year therefore, local competitions are being tailored to the skills needed for the missions and successful applicants will have to apply for the mission roles with the NGO so that they NGO can select those they think are best suited.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The business impact –BRIGHT differentiates KPMG for the following reasons:

  • Traditionally companies deploy a small number of people in developing countries independently from local CSR activities - BRIGHT simultaneously encourages both local and global volunteering, therefore increasing employee engagement.
  • Traditionally, companies deploy people for long periods of time (e.g. 1-2 years), but is risky as a 'top talent' retention tool and removes high performers from the business and clients. BRIGHT only deploys people on 2 week placements.
  • BRIGHT aligns our core business skills and matches this with small local enterprises and entrepreneurs - supporting their growth and a future pipeline for local work in our African practices. As one integrated firm, we can provide a concentrated contribution, therefore maximising impact.
  • BRIGHT encourages people to work cross-culturally and in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • BRIGHT requires people to articulate and 'sell' their idea - driving solutions and encouraging business development .
  • BRIGHT successfully contributes to KPMG’s Global Development Initiative by supporting the UN Millennium Development Goals.
  • BRIGHT makes the shift from non-skilled to skilled volunteering.
  • BRIGHT has increased the amount of pro bono work KPMG does.
  • BRIGHT increases employee satisfaction and contributes to employee retention as a result.

The social impact:

  • Local BRIGHT challenges have produced many brilliant ideas concerning how KPMG can positively contribute to our key areas of CSR focus: education, employability, (social inclusion) and enterprise.
  • Global BRIGHT missions have supported communities in Africa and helped build the capacity of NGOs in order to enable them to further support those communities.
  • They therefore contribute to the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The environmental impact:

  • Local BRIGHT challenges have also produced innovative ideas concerning ways in which KPMG can reduce its carbon footprint as a firm.

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