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Know your investors’ expectations and get them engaged

Thursday, October 4, 2018

There is an increasing effort and purpose in engaging investors on sustainability. CSR Europe has set up a dedicated working group that will meet on 21 November to better understand their expectations. 

To meet the objective of supporting companies in the integration of sustainability and to better use reporting as management tool, CSR Europe has set up two working groups looking at non-financial reporting and investors engagement . The format of the working groups is meant to engage members more actively to identify and address individual needs.

As we are finalising the 1-on-1 engagement, this article presents some of the outcomes of this phase. The dialogues with members have resulted in the mapping of current practices and challenges. These will then be addressed during the workshops both on non-financial reporting and investors engagement.



There is increasing effort and purpose in engaging investors on sustainability, still the way to make it common practice is long and hilly.

Some facts:

  • More investors are interested in sustainability as compared to some years ago, nevertheless, they still represent a minority in the overall investors’ group
  • Internal engagement between sustainability and investor relations team is often stronger if there is personal interest and engagement of the people involved
  • Education of investor relations teams is not formalised, though there are some tools which can support the capacity building
  • Investors interest is focused on environmental performance, governance and diversity – in some circumstances potential risks related to human rights are also looked at

Some of the questions which will be further addressed on the 21st November:

  • What are key expectations from investors?
  • What is the role of rating agencies and analysts to assess sustainability performance of companies?
  • How can companies engage a broader group of investors on sustainability?

The work done so far confirmed that there are many valuable questions and learnings to address with members.

The information shared in this article is not exhaustive and further details will be addressed during the two workshops.

Check the agenda of the workshop and register here: Sustainable value: how are companies engaging investors? 

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