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KKR - Green Portfolio Program

Added on 22-03-2013


KKR - Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Ltd



Business challenge

KKR have recognized that they are challenged with incorporating value into “green” as it is understood that it is not just about the environment. By improving environmental performance, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and thus reduce their costs, create more productive workplaces, develop stronger relationships with suppliers and customers, launch new products and services and build competitive advantages.

KKR believes that companies that strategically measure and manage environmental impacts should find opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce operating expenses, and boost the bottom line. Finally, in addition to achieving this, company partners build better running companies, the initiative is consistent with our long-held commitment to being a responsible investor.


KKR respond to this through the creation of ‘The Green Portfolio Program’ that applies KKR's approach of assessing, measuring, and optimizing performance to help our portfolio companies manage their environmental impacts while also improving their business.

At the core of this initiative is a set of analytic tools to help each company management teams assess and track improvements across several key environmental performance areas (KEPAs), such as greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, priority chemicals, and forest resources, where improving performance can bring about measurable business benefits.


• To be more accessible, KKR is also building a number of resources for Green Portfolio participants such as the launch of an online portal for member companies to log in and collect data and report performance against their goals.

• As more companies enroll in the program, the partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund will continue, this will build a database of best practices that the portfolio company managers can access so that every participating company can learn from the lessons of others.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Total environmental impact for the first eight participating companies since June 2010:

• 345,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

• 1.2 million metric tonnes of waste

• 8.500 tonnes of forest resources

Total financial impact:

• $160 million

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