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KÖVET (Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.) - Recruitment of a plant social worker

Added on 22-03-2013


Grundfos Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.


KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies



Business challenge

The company recognizes the importance of having a diverse workforce and identifies the need to increase the number of physically disabled people working within the company. Grundfos found the opportunity to introduce a standalone “rehabilitation through employment” practice that contributes positively to the common society set-up and development. With this implementation came a number of challenges:

  • Integration into company life as well as private problems affecting „at-work situations” impacted work routine, expected quality and performance,
  • Interest of the employee’s group with special needs (diverse skills and competences) required advocacy,
  • The company realized that successful rehabilitation requires individual social and mental health rehabilitation, furthermore, our business philosophy declares that the key of high productivity is the satisfied employee working in good atmosphere,
  • Employees with physical disabilities vary by disadvantages/problems for the handling of which production supervisors could not spend sufficient time.


The company addressed these challenges through a project in partnership with Konszenzus Fund, Regional Training Centre of Székesfehérvár for the „TÁMOP 2.4.2. B-09/1 Development of organizations employing people with disability – Support of Host Company practices”.

Within the framework of the application participants set-up and implemented a comprehensive, multi-service package that conveys a new approach and creates a host company (appropriate job) with access to open, stable positions and internal promotion opportunities.

For the elimination of problems that occurred from increased headcount and expectations at the rehab unit, recruitment of a plant social worker was found to be the best option, as a unique professional support in Hungary.

Grundfos successfully applied for the “Consensus in the adaptation of the rehabilitation through employment model, cooperation of state, non-governmental and business organizations...” tender invited by TÁMOP, consequently, the company received grant for the social worker recruitment beginning as of June 2010.

The comprehensive rehabilitation of the employees with physical disabilities is now feasible by facilitating employment, mental health and social rehabilitation. The plant social worker represents the interests of these employees both individually and as a group so as to stimulate integrated employment.

A new direction of social work is applied with the objective to actively participate in the issue of disabilities gaining increased attention as well as to be an example to other companies.

Our social worker will remain a Grundfos employee following the one-year granted term.


The integration of the values and targets of social work into a performance-oriented company culture.

It was difficult to find harmony between production expectations and individually tailored rehabilitation duties.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Since we have the social worker on board to support the rehab unit’s daily routine, the atmosphere has improved to a more satisfied and balanced direction that affects performance positively.

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