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KÖVET (ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ-MÁSZ) - Energy Saving - Energy School Program

Added on 22-03-2013




KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies


2006 - on going

Business challenge

An important part of our company group long term strategy is raising awareness regarding the connection between energy saving, energy conscious lifestyle and their positive environmental impact. The program's goal is shaping energy consumption habits in order to reduce the environmental impact of residential energy consumption. As residential providers, we can only realize sustainable energy management and services in cooperation with our customers, by a mutual change of attitude. 


Energy Saving Program objectives are to raise awareness among adults regarding the economic benefits of choosing and using energy conscious technologies when buying new products. In addition, integrating the idea of energy consciousness into shopping motivations represents another goal for this project. We would also like to raise awareness among the people in order to pay attention to energy saving during their daily activities.

The Energy School Program is aimed at developing an energy conscious approach in elementary and secondary school students. We provide attractive content for young generations to explore the relation between energy saving and environmental protection. 


Content structure development and raising awareness through communication mechanisms were essential to the program's success. Also, the selection process of the experts' team who contributed with their knowledge and experience to the content development, as well as their work coordination, were important steps in this process.
Sustainable energy management is an important aspect of the company group's long term strategy. This strategy is not feasible without our current and future consumers: our program has successfully initiated collaboration in order to achieve environmental and economical residential energy consumption. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Energy Saving Program
Since 2006, we are giving numerous practical advices which are also oriented to shape attitudes: these relate to thermal insulation, appropriate lighting and heating technologies choices and their proper use. We also describe how various electric appliances can be operated in energy-efficient ways.
All this is supported by a wealth of multimedia material, and we called attention on the website by using our company group's abundant communications tools, as well as by attending various events. Since September 2010, we are demonstrating the proper green technologies' domestic usage in a special showroom (Energy Point).

Energy School Program
The Physy Bus has visited 650 schools so far, educating nearly 100,000 students via special physics classes explaining the relation between energy consumption and environmental protection. Since the end of 2010, thanks to social media, the program has developed an even more intense relationship with school communities. The program also helps physics teachers to do their work. Its secondary goal is to restore natural sciences' shattered prestige. 

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