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KÖVET (Budapest Bank) - Inclusive workplace

Added on 22-03-2013


Budapest Bank




From 2006 (continuous)

Business challenge

The Southern Plains region has been struggling for a long time with employment problems. This is why Budapest Bank selected Békéscsaba as the site of its Bank Operations Center in 2006. Factors behind the decision also included the goal of creating jobs for quality labor with this move. 


With the opening of the Bank Operations Center in Békéscsaba and the creation of quality jobs, Budapest Bank has greatly contributed to the development of the city and the region. We have managed to form an exemplary and continuous cooperation with the local Labor and Training Center: they play a big role in the selection, the initial and the further training processes. The bank currently employs more than 650 workers at the new location, in a modern, well-equipped environment, with which it plays an active role in developing the economy of Békéscsaba and its vicinity and reducing the unemployment that is typical of the region. Earlier, most of the employees were unemployed, while 40% were career-starters. Some 41% of the Center's workers live in Békéscsaba, while 59% come from neighboring cities and villages, notably Békés, Mezőberény, Gyula and Sarkad. The Békéscsaba Bank Operations Center can be considered an equal opportunity, inclusive employer: employees and managers include many women, including a lot of mothers with small children as well as career-starters, and a wide range of age groups are also represented. During the establishment and development of the center it was a distinct goal to also be able to employ those with a reduced capacity to work; there are several such colleagues working at the center at present. During the creation of the organization, we also paid attention to provide roles to a class of local managers: the center currently operates with 50 middle managers and most of them come from the region. Most of them have been promoted within the ranks and represent a diverse class, with various education levels and backgrounds, as well as age groups.
The bank's CSR culture has also been successfully implemented at the new location: in the autumn of 2010, some 120 people took part in outdoor renovation and landscaping volunteer activities in frame of the bank's Day of Care volunteer action series. Loyalty is indicated by the fact that worker participation is regularly very high at community events.
Despite the current economic situation, Budapest Bank is developing the center's operations in line with the original plans, continuing to expand the workforce. 


Despite the large and speedy increase in headcount, we had to build a loyal, close-knit team. In certain cases, beyond the professional training of people that were earlier unemployed, it was a challenge to integrate them into the performance-oriented corporate culture quickly and successfully, as well as directing the various attitudes of colleagues with diverse backgrounds into a common channel. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Employer satisfaction confirms the inclusive corporate culture: a large number of employees took part in a survey in 2009, where they gave a positive evaluation of their workplace. In addition to improving the region's employment rate, the Bank Operations Center has so far created 656 quality jobs. In 2008, the city awarded Budapest Bank the title of "Sponsor of the Year." 

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