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Join CSR Europe's New Platform to boost Sustainable Business in Europe & Africa

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Digitalisation and skills are key enablers for sustainable business growth both in Europe and Africa, as they can improve a country’s governance, education, and infrastructure system. CSR Europe is actively recruiting companies interested in joining the business-led Collaborative Platform on “Sustainable and Upgraded Value Chains in Europe & Africa”.  

How can companies collaborate to create added value for European and African economies? CSR Europe addressed the question together with interested parties at the workshop “Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa“ hosted on 16 October. BASF, Bridgestone, Ecolab, enel, Huawei, IBM, Itochu, Johnson & Johnson, Lydec, Merck, McCain, Orange, Solvay and Vodafone identified common challenges and potential cross-sector collaboration in three key areas: governanceeducation and infrastructure system in Africa.

The red string connecting them all? Digitalisation and skills. They represent key enablers for sustainable business development across a company’s value chain. Following the discussion, CSR Europe is launching the business-led collaborative platform on Upgraded and Sustainable Value-Chains for Europe & Africa (2019-2021) with a focus on leveraging African Innovation Hubs. Based on companies’ presence and areas of interest for collaboration, the platform is currently scoping to pilot local innovations hubs in countries such as Morocco, Zambia and South Africa. However, additional areas could be considered based on company demand.

Collaboration, Our Added Value

Within CSR Europe’s Collaborative Platform, companies operating in the private sector will engage to enhance the value-chain development both in Europe and Africa. How? By boosting digital skills, employability and sustainable innovation that will empower youth, entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The Platform will also leverage African Innovation Hubs that will operate as a one-stop-shop for companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, as well as for the young people entering the labour market.

They will have access to:

  1. Business Development and financing support to implement innovations across the value-chain
  2. Skills Training

The benefits for your company

  1. Equip your company with a skilled workforce;
  2. Gain access to stronger suppliers and/or customers for your business;
  3. Develop a vibrant sustainable local economy;
  4. Engage with policymakers in the framework of the Africa-EU Digital Economy Partnership, aimed at accelerating the achievement of the SDGs.

How to get involved?
Companies interested in joining the collaborative platform and shaping its action, can view the concept note and reach out to CSR Europe to schedule a call/meeting.


For more information:

Soni Kanabar

Project Manager

Bernedine Bos

Director Business Transformation