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Join CSR Europe’s Biodiversity & Industry Platform

Monday, November 25, 2019

Biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate. “Business as usual” is no longer an option. For this reason, CSR Europe launched the Collaborative Platform Biodiversity and Industry. Join now and strengthen your business strategy for biodiversity conservation and regeneration while benefiting from best practices of other partners. Partners will gather on 30th January 2020 for the 1st working meeting.


Ecosystems and socioeconomic systems are profoundly connected. On the one hand, human well-being strongly depends on the health of the ecosystem, which provides the food, water, and clean air. On the other hand, human activities have a strong impact on the ecosystem. In other words, what we eat, drink, and breath is safe and beneficial for us only if we do not harm it with our actions. Unfortunately, current global biodiversity targets have failed to stop the catastrophic decline in species. According to the latest Global Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), human activity is deteriorating nature and its vital contributions. The fabric of life is becoming smaller, thinner and more frayed. Nothing short of radical changes are needed right now.

Our Approach to Biodiversity, Industry collaboration for success

CSR Europe is calling for stronger collaboration among stakeholders, as only collective action will allow businesses to achieve a Sustainable Europe by 2030. For this reason, we are inviting companies to join the business-led collaborative platformBiodiversity & Industry”. Since businesses are present at the local level and interact directly with the ecosystems, they have a fundamental role in driving change.

Your company can expect to:

  1. strengthen its business strategy for biodiversity conservation and regeneration
  2. share best practices on how to manage and measure the biodiversity impact of manufacturing plants
  3. scale-up initiatives for biodiversity conservation

CSR Europe is also partnering up with the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform, which was set up two years ago by the European Commission to work with and help businesses integrating natural capital and biodiversity considerations into their business practices.

Next Step:

Partners will gather on 30th January 2020 for the 1st working meeting of the platform.

For more information:

Bernedine Bos

Director of Business Transformation​