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Johnson & Johnson - Deployment of the Global Tobacco Free Workplace Policy

Added on 22-03-2013


Johnson & Johnson



Business challenge

The company has identified that tobacco is the second major cause of death after cardiovascular disease and the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the world. According to the World Health Organization, currently tobacco related-diseases kill one in ten adults worldwide. This results in approximately five million deaths each year.


On January 1, 2007, Johnson & Johnson respond to this challenge through its worldwide "Tobacco - Free" workplace policy prohibiting tobacco use at all company locations, including property, buildings, leased buildings, company vehicles and company-sponsored meetings. Where legally recognized employee representatives exist, it became necessary to extend the effective date so that appropriate discussions may take place and to ensure that a singular effective date of the policy will apply to all employees at the operating company or facility.

In accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures, specific aspects and implementation of this policy may be subject to further discussion and agreement with the employee representatives. If required, the local company policy will be modified as needed, to ensure compliance under the law.

To support tobacco cessation efforts, Global Health Services, as well as the Human Resources and Environmental Health & Safety departments communicated and created awareness for tobacco cessation programs available within Johnson & Johnson and surrounding communities.


Cultural perceptions and confidentiality concerns need to be appropriately tackled and addressed

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Increased awareness on the risks of smoking and better employee health by facilitating a smoke- free policy. Thus, reducing costs, both in terms of insurance costs and corporate costs

Increased awareness of the risks associated with the use of products containing tobacco, allowing employees to make informed choices, as well as providing smoking cessation programs or information where required.

More information

Tips: Employee education about the benefits of not smoking is critical in deployment to ensure full understanding of rationale of the deployment of the policy

Departments Involved: Global Health Services, Human Resources, Site Management and Work Councils (where applicable)

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