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Johnson & Johnson - Deployment of a Global Online Employee Profile (Health Risk Assesment)

Added on 22-03-2013


Johnson & Johnson



Business challenge

Wellbeing at work is an important management responsibility which has a direct and positive impact on competitiveness, productivity and overall business outcomes. Such strategies should be carried out with employee involvement in the company.


Johnson & Johnson has responded to this challenge through the implementation of a health questionnaire that is confidential and online, with a summary report designed to assess an individual's health status. It offers a computation of health risk: answers to the questionnaire are analyzed and compiled into a confidential report that calculates lifestyle and health risks, and recommends preventive procedures and lifestyle changes. Further, educational health messages and individual health risk reports were made upon completion of the questionnaire.


Cultural perceptions and confidentiality concerns need to be appropriately tackled and addressed.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The questionnaire is analyzed and compiled into a confidential report that calculates employee health risks. Not only does this provide an idea of employee wellbeing ,but through recommendations of preventive procedures and lifestyle changes, the company can address and prevent risks and challenges related to poor health.

The questionnaire provides an opportunity to identify unknown health concerns and pre-disease states, as well as increases motivation to make positive behavior changes, therefore allowing the employee to take responsiblity and monitor his/her health over time.

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