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Japan Business Federation aligns its code of conduct with the SDGs

Monday, December 18, 2017

Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation, has revised their Charter of Corporate Behaviour to deliver on the SDGs.

This will be done through the realisation of ‘Society 5.0’, a future society, in which economic growth is linked to solutions for global and local challenges, such as health and medical care, agriculture and food, the environment and climate change, energy, safety and disaster prevention, human and gender equality.

According to the Keidanren vision, the future society, will also see IoT, AI, robots, and other innovative technologies used to optimise individual lives and society as a whole.

Keidanren is encouraging its member companies to make behavioural changes not only within their own corporations, but also in their group companies and supply chains. Fostering collaboration with a diverse range of organisations is seen as key to deliver on the SDGs and to achieve Society 5.0.