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IRDO - Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (Slovenia) - was founded in 2004 as non-profit organisation in order to research and accelerate the development of SR in Slovenia and elsewhere. IRDO’s main purpose is to promote the networking of key activists concerning SR, whether in government, business, other institutions and organisations, or civil society, and to share common activities and campaigns for raising awareness in society at large about the need for, and the importance of, SR.

IRDO’s activities are based on the EU definition of (C)SR, though IRDO Expert Board promotes a more holistic approach and understands SR as commitment for more SR of individuals, SR of organisations (government, NGOs and community groups, academic and research institutions, companies and professional associations), SR at municipal, regional, national and international levels.

The IRDO expert board is drawn from experts throughout all of the fields which IRDO covers (business, government, NGO’s, media, interest and expert organizations...). Through their experience and expertise, they guide the implementation of the IRDO Institute’s programmes and activities.

IRDO's scientific research centre (IRDO ZRC) carries out research, development and scientific studies, its Research Council directs the work of the Centre. IRDO’s experts participate in Slovenian and foreign scientific, expert and business conferences (WOSC, EMCSR, STIQE, ISSS, and others) and publish their findings in leading journals.


IRDO contributes to the development of SR in Slovenia and elsewhere through research, education, consultancy, networking and promotion. IRDO collaborates with Slovenian and foreign experts, companies, NGO’s, public institutions and individuals. By 2015, IRDO intends to be an internationally acknowledged team of researchers and experts in SR, making an important contribution to this field and to society as a whole, with help of their members and other partner institutions.


IRDO’s work includes:

  • Research – research projects: education, employment, youth, business, examples of good SR practice in Slovenia and abroad; scientific papers, publications.
  • Promotion of SR Concept, strengthening media awareness of SR, and their support in its development, (SR national award Horus, PR activities, SR clipping).
  • Education (conferences, seminars, workshops…).
  • Consulting and development services (collaboration in the creation of PR, marketing and SR strategies, development of new socially responsible projects, products and services for customers, national SR strategy etc.).
  • Publishing (e-books, conference proceedings, handbooks, scientific papers…).
  • Information and collaboration (business, government, media, NGO’s, associations) for information and experience exchange, strengthening of SR.

Selected Activities of IRDO:

Conference Series, SR & Current Challenges

The conference provides an insight, overview and forecast of SR in Slovenia and abroad. The development of SR is of wide social importance, and the links between its many activists must be strengthened. There is a special need for theorists and practitioners to meet and learn from one another, to deepen the impact of their respective work. The conferences, therefore, each year study a pressing SR topic with respect to government policy, business and the economy, the environment, ethics, education, the media, academic research and activists’ work implementation. There have been from 2006 on seven yearly conferences already. Further information and registration details are available at Each year a different topic is worked on (SR in general, marketing, nature, youth, management, employment, innovation of culture, education...). All conferences have been under auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia. Next Conference will be from March 7 - 9, 2013, in Maribor, Slovenia, on topic education and communication of (C)SR worldwide.

HORUS – Slovene Award for Social Responsibility

HORUS is the Slovene national award for social responsibility and each year the honorary sponsor of this award is the President of the Republic of Slovenia. HORUS awards and presents the Slovene best practices of SR. HORUS was developed in 2008 - 2009 and implemented in 2009 for the first time as a unique, innovative pilot project. It includes contents of ISO 26000 standard on SR and uses a holistic approach to business SR.

In the first year there were only companies included in this competition – sorted in three categories (small, medium and large companies). Winners of all years (2009- till now) are presented on the web page

There are several Slovene associations co-organising this competition. About 30 members of the commission each year review applications of many finalists and in a festive evening event Horus is awarded. In 2011 additional categories (for institutions, media, Slovenians abroad, NGO’s) were developed. Each year awarding process is improved with innovations.



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