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Introducing a Podcast Series on Capacity Building for Sustainable Supply Chains

Thursday, September 6, 2018

What is Capacity Building?
Capacity building along the supply chain is no easy task. It refers to the process whereby a company takes an active role in collaborating with its key stakeholders as well as business partners to obtain, improve, and retain skills, knowledge, and resources needed towards achieving sustainable development. If executed well, this process thrives in collaboration and results in increased trust among supply chain partners and generates great impact over time.

New Podcast Series
CSR Europe has gathered three unique and different good practice examples from our corporate members in our new podcast series, which are soon to be released. In the 10-15 minute episodes, each of the three podcasts provides deep insight in the chosen companies’ strategy approach to gain capacity building along their value chains.

Podcast 1: Interview with Vattenfall’s Sustainability Supply Chain & Strategic Director, Esther Rodriguez, with the perspective on how the company conducted a Human Rights Impact Assessment in the coal mining industry in Columbia.

Podcast 2: Interview with The Forest Trust’s (TFT) Head of TFT’s initiative Rurality, Marianne Martinet, on how the organization is engaging the bottom of the supply chain and helping farmers enact their vision locally while nourishing the environment.

Podcast 3: Interview with L’Oreal’s Sustainable Sourcing Director, Laure Malherbe, to discuss their sustainable sourcing policy, KPI performance, and what their next steps entail to generate a sustainable future.

The podcasts will be released September 20, on our learning network website.

Three-part Issue Insight
Complementary, we are launching a three-part issue insight for CSR Europe members. All parts provide in-depth information and written statements about the three companies’ internal procedures, and provide relevant practice information that discusses potential set-ups for implementing capacity building.

Please see the teaser for full overview of the three parts and how you can gain access to read the issues.