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Interview with Tommi Raivio: Corporate Digital Responsibility is not just about data

Friday, November 9, 2018

Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is rising as the new direction for creating a sustainable future. Tommi Raivio, Project Manager at CSR Europe explains the key challenges to CDR and how CSR Europe can help you step up your game.

I. What is Corporate Digital Responsibility and why is it important now?

TR. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is standing out as the new direction, fusing ethical considerations in the company, individual and societal level. In the field of work, there is a great deal of untapped human potential that can be unleashed if digitalisation is deployed correctly.

However, the rapid pace of change sometimes makes it very difficult to determine what kind of actions can lead with certainty to positive outcomes. In this respect, it is important to continuously reflect on emerging responsibility dimensions, in order to set right direction for an inclusive and sustainable future of work. Given that companies are at the forefront of innovation, they naturally play a key role in this.

2. What are main themes and trends in Corporate Digital Responsibility?

TR. Corporate Digital Responsibility is not just about data. Often linked to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and customer protection, digital responsibility goes way beyond this one aspect. Especially in the world of work, the way technological solutions are designed and deployed directly affects the type of jobs destroyed and created, as well as necessary training programmes to cater for filling new occupations. In short, digital responsibility is social responsibility.

In our view, we see three main areas of action for Corporate Digital Responsibility in the field of work:

  1. Digitalisation: Ensuring employee inclusion & well-being.
  2. Data: Fostering privacy & employee engagement.
  3. Automation & AI: Keeping people at the centre of business transformation.

Click here to see CSR Europe’s full framework on Corporate Digital Responsibility & Future of Work.

3. What can companies do to get their Corporate Digital Responsibility right?

TR. The best performing companies have many tactics in their sleeves, but here are three often cited success factors:

  1. Getting the workplace culture right: All the way from leadership to production floor, workplace culture is the basis for any successful digital transformation
  2. Keeping forecasts up to date: Course corrections and clarity are becoming more important than perfection and certainty. Getting short and long-term forecasts up to date is essential for driving innovation.
  3. Deploying cross-functional collaboration: Seamless cooperation between CSR, IT, HR, can make the difference in ensuring right direction, solutions and adoption for digital transformation.

4. How can CSR Europe support companies building Corporate Digital Responsibility?

CSR Europe supports directly companies and sector associations in building their Corporate Digital Responsibility strategies. By working together with us, your organisation can:

  1. Benchmark your actions on Corporate Digital Responsibility
  2. Co-elaborate your roadmap on Corporate Digital Responsibility
  3. Run an external stakeholder check on your Corporate Digital Responsibility roadmap
  4. Tap into a pool of top industry practices through tailored research

For more information, please contact Tommi Raivio at