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Intel - Intel Matching Grant Program

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

In 2008, as Intel embarked on a year that would see us celebrate our 40th anniversary it was decided to do something unique and mark this special anniversary by donating 1 million hours of volunteer time globally in the communities where we live and work.

As part of the 1 million hour target the Intel Matching Grant program, which was previously only open to schools, was expanded to include all eligible non-profit organizations, meaning numerous groups ranging from sporting organizations to charities. The program is made possible with Intel having in place a dedictaed philanthropic organisation, the Intel Foundation, that is focused on advancing eductaion and improving communities around the world.


Corporate citizenship is firmly anchored in the Intel Values and Intel has a long history of actively engaging with and supporting communities at the local, national, and global levels to create lasting impact. This particular initiave allows Intel employees to have a dircet impact on the communities where they live and work.

Giving of time

Our employees are at the heart of this program and they are the ones that drive its success as the impact of the matching grants program is directly related to the number of hour’s volunteered by Ireland employees. Every organisation involved in the program has at least one Intel employee volunteer and in many cases a number of Intel Ireland employees volunteering.

Matched funds

After a minimum of 20 hours has been accrued by Intel employees volunteering at a school or qualified nonprofit organisation, a donation or "match” will be triggered from the Intel Foundation and paid in an amount of $10 for every hour volunteered.

The nature of this program therefore empowers employees to make a difference not only through the hours that they contibute but also trhough the monetary reward which is accumulated for their organisations in the form of a matched funding from the Intel Foundation.


This program generates a large degree of administrative overhead as we have to support each of our employees individually through the proces of having their orgnisations approved for the grant scheme. We found that the creation of a central data base in the form of a web based SharePoint allows us to co-ordinate all of the administrative overhead digitally from one location.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Over the last three years, Intel Ireland and its employees, supported by the Intel Foundation, have contributed almost €1 million as part of the Intel Matching Grant Program.

This is based on more than 120,000 hours being volunteered thoughout the 3 tyears by Intel employees which is the equivalent of having 20 people working full time in the community for the full three years.

The donated money goes directly back to the organisations at which Intel employees volunteer and this money has been used for a variety of purposes. Some examples of how this money was spent include purchase of new equipment for sporting organizations, funding of training camps and development opportunities at sporting clubs and facility upgrades at charity premises.

For many of the smaller community based organisations, the matching funds have been a life-line for their continuation and is often the only source of supporting funding received.

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