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Insurers and Local Public entities face together climate change

Added on 09-03-2018

As part of their project, DERRIS (DisastEr Risk Reduction lnSurance) Unipol Group is organising an event “Insurers and local public entities face together climate change: Closing the Gaps” on March 19, 2018, in Brussels.

The aim of this event is to discuss the role that insurers can play both as risk managers and investors to prevent, manage and transfer risks linked to the effects of climate change.

The starting point for the discussion will be the results from the DERRIS project that Unipol Group has been leading as of September 2015, co-funded by the European Commission under the Life financial instrument.

The project aims at building an innovative public-private insurance scheme encouraging measures for protection, prevention and adaptation to the effects of climate change and increases local resilience, therefore reducing the costs of extreme weather events that are covered by public spending.

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