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Issue specific workshop

CSR Europe designs and provides issue specific workshops to help companies to address specific CSR issues related to their business model or sector. Workshop services can be tailored from start to completion to deliver a workshop that suits company needs. For example, CSR Europe delivered a series of successful workshops to UCIMA (the Italian sector association of packaging machinery producers) during Packology 2013 trade event in Rimini, Italy in June 2013. 

International CSR Frameworks Workshops 

International CSR Frameworks (e.g. GRI, UNGC, SA 8000, ISO 26000/14000/...) serve CSR professionals as guidance tools to support CSR activity internally or to benchmark and align external communication on CSR activity with other companies. As such frameworks are not static tools (e.g. the GRI’s latest G4 Guidelines), CSR Europe’s issue specific workshops enable companies to meet the objectives of these frameworks and stimulate continuous improvement.

CSR Europe supports companies by offering two types of tailored services:

1)  One day workshop for individual companies starting to work with a given framework

  • Introduction to the framework
  • Overview of what companies do around it
  • Overview of what is happening in the field (e.g. national developments, level of EC endorsement…)

2) Webinar or issue brief for a group of companies interested in the latest developments on a given framework

  • Update on the most recent activity around the framework
  • Insights on how this affects companies

For more information please contact Bernedine Bos.