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Business challenge

The main challenge is to persuade companies to hire people who are distanced from the labour market, such as younger and first time applicants, the chronically ill and the immigrant population.  In general these groups have greatly reduced odds of finding a job.  By facilitating pathways and working within communities to build awareness and skills, these programs enhance the prospects of inclusion in the labour market and in society.

A change of mindset towards these vulnerable groups must take place across society at large.  Creating awareness is the first necessary step in that process.


This initiative creates dedicated programs, distinct from regular commercial activities, to meet the needs of more vulnerable and distanced labour market applicants. The programme focuses particularly on younger and first time applicants, the chronically ill and the immigrant population.

The expertise in staffing services, along with the financial and in-kind support that is provided, allows the company to target specific disadvantaged groups without facing commercial pressure or competition from mainstream candidates.

By separating the target groups from our regular business process, applicants receive more dedicated attention to their particular needs.  This results in more successful development of local projects, which can provide the foundation for community livelihood and socio-economic well-being.

The company operates in cooperation with external stakeholders, including government institutions, local communities, public and private institutions and registered foundations.  By pooling efforts and resources, target groups are more successful in finding job openings for these badly in-need target groups. 


  • Finding the most effective ways to balance local impact and global reach.
  • Embedding these types of initiative into our ongoing practices so they continue to extend these services across all levels of operation. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

These initiatives have resulted in the successful placement of dozens of applicants into suitable roles.  They continue to serve as recognized avenues to employability and social inclusion, improving cohesiveness of the local communities and strengthening relationships with local municipalities.

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