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IMS Luxembourg


IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring More Sustainability) is the Luxembourg leading network on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The NPO was founded in april 2007 by six Luxembourg companies already well embedded in the policies of CSR. IMS considers companies as a major lever in the transformation of society. Companies today are increasingly judged on their global contribution to the social and environmental ecosystem in which they operate. Thus, all their stakeholders are more alert to what is often named "extra-financial criteria."

There is an irreversible movement taking place: more and more companies that have taken a CSR approach are reporting an overall positive impact and the creation of shared value both for their company and for society as a whole.

IMS is the necessary catalyst to accelerate the movement in Luxembourg, and it embodies a reference at European level.


IMS promotes responsibility as the keystone of its mission and as an essential component of its genetic makeup. IMS strongly encourages every company to consider its responsibility in a proactive manner that extends to the three economic, social and environmental pillars of its activity. The IMS objective is for this responsibility to be placed at the heart of the strategy of organisations in Luxembourg.

Inspire responsible strategies and practices, favour and support innovation, provide expertise and initiate the impactful projects and concrete realisations of the future, such is IMS' calling.


  • Raise awareness, inform (communication campaigns, conferences/forum, workshops and trainings).
  • Animate the leading CSR network.
  • Provide expertise.
  • Propose concrete solutions.


105 members, representing more than 10% of salaried employees in Luxembourg.


Christian Scharff, PwC


For more information, please contact Nancy Thomas, Director.

Phone: +352 26 25 80 13
Address: B.P. 2085, L-1020 Luxembourg
Twitter: @imslux
LinkedIn: IMS Luxembourg