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IMS Entreprendre pour la Cité - Promote non-discrimination and promote diversity towards our suppliers

Added on 22-03-2013


IMS - Entreprendre pour la Cité



Business challenge

Suppliers/subcontractors do not respect the principles of non-discrimination or do not promote diversity; cases of discrimination occur when selecting a supplier/ subcontractor.


The solution focuses on:

  • Work with suppliers/ subcontractors who have signed the Global Compact, the international ILO conventions, the OECD principles, the Charter of diversity, or other written texts mentioning companies' involvement in favour of non-discrimination and diversity
  • In contracts/ agreements, impose as a condition the respect of the principle of non-discrimination
  • Punctually inspect the respect of the principle of non-discrimination at one's suppliers/ subcontractors
  • Stop working with any supplier/subcontractor not respecting the principle of non-discrimination, and inform all the supply chain about such policy
  • Suggest to suppliers/ subcontractors coming from specific high-risk sectors to lead joint actions against discrimination (for example the cleaning, security, temporary work or recruitment sectors.)
  • Work with suppliers/ subcontractors enabling potentially discriminated persons to work and have access to higher responsibilities, and inform all the supply chain about such policy (for example women owned companies, companies employing disabled workers.)
  • Before working with a supplier/ subcontractor, ask to inspect HR elements such as the structure of its manpower, the types of contracts used, salary scales, collective agreements...
  • For temporary work or recruitment subcontractors, impose specific standards in terms of diversity (for example diversity training for recruiters, diversified short-lists.)


Purchasers are not involved or not concerned by the topic.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Benefits for the Company: Mainstream one's involvement in the promotion of diversity to all the supply chain, in order to one's diversity policy.

Benefits for the Employee: Equal access and equal treatment for diverse suppliers to call for tenders.

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