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Improving working conditions of Truck drivers

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Collaborative Platform on Social Standards in Road Transport Logistics

Nearly 5 million people in the EU are employed in road transport. CSR Europe launches a collaborative platform to raise social standards in road transport logistics with leading manufacturing and logistics companies. The group will work to increase transparency in the sector and work with other stakeholders to drive practical “on the road” improvements. All companies are invited to join this platform.


With almost 5 million people employed in road transport in the EU, it is paramount to ensure better and safer working conditions for truck drivers across countries.

Initiated and driven by a group of leading logistics and manufacturing companies, the newly established Collaborative Platform will work with small and medium logistics supplier associations, trade unions, as well as police and road authorities. These will be involved for consultation purposes.



The companies members of the Collaborative Platform are:



Interested in joining? CSR Europe will continue to engage other companies to join and meet the target of 20 participants.



  • Establish Root cause analysis and social guidelines: priority activities for the first months. The platform will align on a set of guiding principles. It also will support engagement with potential partners and other sector stakeholders.
  • Setting up a Stakeholder dialogue and engagement During the first year, two Cross-sector workshops, stakeholder dialogue and policy dialogue will be organised
  • Due Diligence: Design and test feasibility of a harmonised spot-check approach and roll-out


For more information:

If you would like more information or a presentation that explains the content and aims of the platform,  please contact Paula Byrne:

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