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Impronta Etica (Unipol Gruppo) - Partnership with Libera

Added on 22-03-2013


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Impronta Etica



Business challenge

Unipol commitment to initiatives that benefit the community is an essential element of the way of being and of acting through interventions which maximizes the use of the resources devoted to the concrete and direct benefit of the community in which they develop. In this sense, for an insurance company fighting for security and legality is a core commitment, with special attention to working conditions and future generation.

Since more than ten years Unipol supports Libera, the association established to uphold the principles of law and culture against the Mafia and organized crime, to promote economic development and social cohesion. In recent years there was further strengthening of this partnership, particularly with Libera Terra Cooperatives that have assumed the management of assets confiscated from organized crime in the southern regions of Italy developing social enterprises with young people.

The solution addresses the challenges:

  • Contribute to the emergence and consolidation of fair, green and social cooperatives as social answer to mafia power.
  • Create a network of consensus and trust within the community, fostering the development of law and civic culture.
  • Mainstream awareness about legality in the business sector involving customers.


The support to Libera and Libera Terra Cooperatives is developed through 3 main channels:

  1. The campaign "Un euro per polizza “ involves customers thanks to the contribution of  one euro for each insurance contract signed by referring to agreements with organizations historically  linked to Unipol  and carried out with the collaboration of the Agents of the Company. It has recently joined the Bank Group's commitment to the development "Un euro per conto corrente" for each current account opened with Unipol Banca. The bank is helping the cooperatives in their financial management with special condition for loan and funding. The goal is to support the commitment to law and justice in areas heavily influenced by organized crime, but, above all, to promote the conditions for a fairer social and economic development in the first instance for young generations.
  1. The Unipolis Foundation support Libera activities towards citizens: information activities, High level Master at Universities, public festival.
  1. Also the Circle of Unipol employees gave its contribution in engaging workers on issues related to Libera through the creation of a purchase group of branded food products Libera Terra for Christmas: 70 packs were bought and 1,200 products were distributed, amounting to a total of over 7,000 euros for the Association. At the same time Unipol managers are supporting the cooperatives with voluntary work.


The Unipol commitment towards Libera Terra development has became a driver not just for social activities, but also for business activities, supporting the development and endorsement of control systems, inside the organization, and helping other enterprises, outside the organization, to fight mafia power.

This is an evidence that adopting with real commitment social activities may change also the operational business in daily life.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

In six years 1.2 million euros have been donated to activities fighting Mafia culture. The activity has also strengthened the sense of belonging to the agents, customers and employees,  as well as the reputation and the social role of the Group.

The impact on the community has resulted in the increase in activities on land confiscated, new youth employment (about one hundred members and employees of cooperatives in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Campania), growth of personal and collective awareness  to issues related to legality, fight against mafia and organized crime, and therefore a greater degree of civic culture.

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