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Impronta Etica (Unipol Gruppo) - Partner for sustainability

Added on 22-03-2013


Unipol Gruppo


Impronta Etica



Business challenge

The “Partner of sustainability ” project arises  from the need to share resources and practical solution in order to face the challenges of sustainability , through the creation of a web community, initially made by Unipol suppliers and then opened to other companies interested to develop these issues.

The portal aims to be a site of exchange, work and valorization of ideas , involving about 50 companies and 80 participant. Unipol ‘s role is to support initiatives, encourage participation  and provide the necessary advice for the implementation of the proposal that emerged from the community .


Within the on-line portal, suppliers and other companies work together to combine competitiveness and eco-efficiency through the sharing of experiences and the discussion about how to implement initiatives to reduce consumption of resources and monitor CO2 emission. 

At present, the suppliers can work on nine initiatives, in the field of print/consumable and travel/transport.

The first action implemented to achieve the results  was the one concerning the inter-company’s car pooling , which is a good practice easily replicable, which improves the efficient use of resources in an environmental and economic way.  The project foreseen the extension of car-pooling system used for Unipol’s company travels to all employees of all companies belonging to the community “partner of sustainability” for the displacements house-workplace and time off as well. The adoption of a computerized-pool allows to share timetables and routs. In the common platform, those who plan to go at work driving could first check if someone else do the same route at the same time, or they can make public their own path being available to offer a ride to those who were required. This reduces mobility costs and Co2 emissions. 

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Thanks to the involvement of suppliers, it has been possible to collect the key issue and critical points for them in the implementation of sustainability actions in their own business.

Therefore Unipol encourages the use of observable and measurable actions, giving greater value to the feasible initiatives especially with the fundamental contribution of several companies. 

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