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Impronta Etica (Obiettivo Lavoro) - Workers

Added on 22-03-2013


Obiettivo Lavoro


Impronta Etica



Business challenge

The policy aims to adopt a set of measures to optimise the use of the company's vehicles, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This will contribute to the fight against climate change, while at the same time offering economic benefits to the company, thanks to improved efficiency.

CO2 emissions will be reduced without negatively affecting either the mobility of employees or the company's approach, which has always given particular importance to the social and human value of direct, face-to-face meeting with its clients.

The initiative was launched during the economic crisis, and aims to be a means of facing the crisis through innovation in the process of mobility, while at the same time ensuring and improving the daily activity of the company.


The policy, promoted by the company's management, will involve the following functions for their practical implementation:

  • CSR manager.
  • Logistics.
  • Management control.
  • All direct employees of the headquarters and branch offices.

The initiative, through a mechanism of direct and equitable incentives for the workers, aims to:

  • Promote a greater awareness and foster responsibility among workers (not only on the workplace but in their private life as well).
  • Encourage involvement and active participation in managing the policy.

Obiettivo Lavoro's proposal offers the added value of involving workers in energy conservation efforts and in environmental protection activities, while at the same time pursuing the environmentally and socially responsible goal of safeguarding of the environment and reducing gas emissions.

The most innovative aspects of the initiative proposed by Obiettivo Lavoro are:

  • A direct incentive mechanism.
  • Sharing of benefits generated by savings achieved by reducing consumption.
  • Increasing responsibility among workers
  • Rewarding of virtuous behaviour with economic incentives

Those who continue to generate unjustified costs are not penalised, but will not receive any additional benefits.


  • Consolidation and improvement of the policy guidelines in the coming years.
  • Integration of the energy policies into the organisational and business model of Obiettivo Lavoro.
  • Identification of additional means for fostering commitment and responsibility.
  • Replicating the model and extending it to other enterprise settings.
  • Replication of the initiative's approach in areas other than environmental protection.

Challenges/Lessons learned:


  • Reduction of energy consumption's costs.
  • Direct economic benefits for the firm.
  • Economic benefits for employees.


  • Direct involvement of workers through concrete, shared initiatives.
  • Fostering of responsibility among all employees.
  • Raising awareness of the "environmental question" and of climate change's risks.


  • Reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Decreased environmental impact.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Contribution to the fight against climate change.

Optimization of the use of cars and improvement in the driving behaviour of workers have led to reduced environmental impact of 120 company cars, in terms of overall fuel consumption.

The employees who reduced their consumption, received a bonus equivalent to 50% of the value of fuel saved.

The initiative has received recognition in Italy from numerous institutional and economical organizations thanks to the uniqueness, originality and effectiveness of the project.

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