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Impronta Etica (C.M.B. Società Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi) - Safe for job

Added on 22-03-2013


C.M.B. Società Cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi


Impronta Etica



Business challenge

CMB shares with the cooperative movement, a few fundamental reference points that are incorporated within the company are the attention to the dignity and health of the workers. The company has always worked on safety in order to ensure the full compliance of laws in its worksites.

CMB has accepted the challenge to go beyond and to fix the objective to develop and strengthen safe behaviours among workers that would create effective measures that laws foresees and the company put into practice.


The company respond to the challenge through the implementation of an Integrated Management System to ensure quality, safety and the environment. This management system improved personal safety behaviours through:

  • Encouraging the safety culture and by making workers aware of the possible risks of accidents and professional disease.
  • Implementing effective communication around the issue of safety.
  • Raising awareness, informing, engaging and receiving feedback on safety at all levels.

This tool identifies criteria, best practices and guidelines in order to make this is experience transferable in other worksites of CMB.

In Bologna’s Torre Unifimm worksite a Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) - – this process has been developed which involves all CMB and subcontracting company workers. This system improves safety through:

  • The definition of observable objectives (safe individual behaviours) in 5 areas of risk priority.
  • The development of a check list for the observation of attitudes, more than 3,000 observations (on more than 8,000 workers in more than 30 companies), the statistic elaboration of observed data.
  • Communication actions and workers and stakeholder involvement
  • Activities for the organizational and training improvement


  • Validity of BBS approach for the modification of safe individual behaviours.
  • Central communication tool changes the “culture of safety” and can be used to facilitate the transformation of behaviours.
  • The need of a systemic approach in the context of worksites that could identify, maintain and bring further results within various actors and the stakeholders.
  • The “cultural change” of the expected transformation of behaviours; centrality of management logic and tools in order to facilitate this change.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • “Safe for job” has been a pilot experience, on the basis of which CMB aims to diffuse the BBS approach in all its worksites, making it a structural dimension of its operational approach.
  • CMB has already started similar experiences, in order to define criteria and ways to transfer this experience in different worksites and contexts. Moreover, it has started a training process on BBS that aims to involve the whole managerial and technical staff of the worksite.
  • “Safe for job” has protected the health of workers in the worksites, by reducing the number of accidents to zero (in October 2011).
  • It has encouraged, CMB and its subcontracting companies, to translate the social values of health and security of the worker in concrete actions, also beyond the law.


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