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Impronta Etica


Founded in 2001, Impronta Etica is a non-profit association made up of companies, utilities and public sector organisations and aims to stimulate enterprises to develop innovative best practices, tools and processes in order to implement policies of social responsibility. In 2003 the Association published a "Manifesto on Corporate Social Responsibility", in which the key aspects of Impronta Etica's approach to CSR are stated. One of such aspects is the strong focus on stakeholder engagement, which affirms that without dialogue and trust between companies and stakeholders one can not speak of ‘CSR'. A second element that characterises the Association's approach to CSR is the belief that public administration bodies can play a significant role in promoting the adoption of CSR policies among private companies.


Our mission is promoting social responsibility and sustainable development among companies, public organisations and civil society.

The Association focuses on:

  • creating networking opportunities between companies and organisations that include social commitment in their mission and act in a socially responsible way.
  • promoting the sharing of members' experiences and activities in the field of CSR, both on national and international level through implementing communication and information channels and cooperating in international networks.
  • promoting the definition of criteria, approaches and evaluation systems for correct behaviours in the administrative and economic field, by fostering the use of social accountability methodologies among our members and by facilitating information exchange between members and the wider community.
  • promoting the spread of CSR knowledge, by organising public events, publishing research, and editing newsletters on recent developments of CSR debate addressed to both network members and external organisations.


Impronta Etica is committed to the promotion and development of CSR through:

  • publications and research: research projects on key aspects of CSR development and approaches (e.g.: the role of stakeholder engagement, the role of public administration bodies for promoting CSR among private businesses, new partnerships between NGOs and corporations) as well as on operational aspect of CSR that may involve more directly the day-to-day activities of member companies (such as sustainable mobility, diversity management, tools and strategies for communicating CSR).
  • news and updating: Quarterly newsletter on recent developments on national and international CSR debate; frequent updates devoted to member companies about operational aspects of CSR (including legislative provisions, awards, call for tenders).
  • collection and exchange of best practices: Impronta Etica works for identifying, valorising, and sharing good practices in the field of CSR by organizing occasions of dialogue and exchange both among member companies and between member and non-member companies, and seminars with the participation of experts on CSR issues
  • networking activities aimed at creating links with civil society organisations, representatives of public institutions, representatives of University by both organizing conferences and meetings on CSR issues and by participating in other national networks tackling CSR and sustainable development issues.

Impronta Etica is also developing a range of support services specifically devoted to member companies with the aim of providing them with a quick and competent support in addressing CSR issues.

  • Tailor-made training: short training courses aimed at developing awareness on CSR, accountable behaviours and stakeholder engagement in day-to-day business operations.
  • Assessment on the level of implementation of CSR policies and programmes, aimed at giving an initial support for understanding how the company has addressed CSR issues and how it may further develop its social responsibility plan.
  • Support to member companies in developing partnerships with social and economic actors operating in the community.
  • Benchmarking analyses on CSR practices and tools developed by Italian or foreign companies operating in the same sectors of member companies.
  • Laboratories for experimenting shared projects on CSR between various member companies.



Adriano Turrini,
Coop Adriatica


For more information, please contact Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Secretary General.

Phone: + 39 051 31.60.311
Fax: + 39 051 31.60.399
Address: Via Marco Emilio Lepido 182/3, 40132 Bologna, Italy
Twitter: @ImprontaEtica
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