Type 2: Pre-procurement collaboration

Sector of the company/organisation

Consumer Goods and Services

Name of activity/project (or solution offered)

Unilever Comparte

Relevant urban sustainability topic

lifestyles (sustainable consumption, recreation, leisure,…)
social economy (unemployment, education, diversity, inclusive economy,…)

Start year


Brief project summary

Unilever seeks an excellent relationship with the city of Viladecans, where its Spanish headquarters has been located since 2013. They are working with the city, the third Sector, and schools to take actions based on the needs of the community: education, support for families in need, and sustainability.

Short activity description

Bringing sustainability to consumers and promoting a better understanding between Unilever and the citizens of Viladecans.
Unilever Comparte adapts the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan at the local level in three areas: improved quality of life, reduced environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Achieved impact

10,000 beneficiaries organized by Unilever to improve the welfare activities, quality of life and sustainability in Viladecans

Donation of 4,000/5,000 kg of food intended to help 700 families with economic difficulties.

Participation of 81 % of primary schools in Unilever workshops of healthy habits in nutrition and dental care (1,100 students in 2015).

Participation of 385 students in workshops for Body Confidence and self-esteem.

High Participation every year in the walk of solidarity organised for Unilever in collaboration with City Hall and Sant Gabriel School (more than 7.000 people in 2015).

Is this project a best practice? Why?

Excellent relationship with stakeholders of the city of Viladecans generating high positive impact in the city.

Engagement with citizens.

The reputation of Unilever is increased 5 points as measured by Reptrack of Reputation Institute.

What are the main lessons learned during implementation?

Working with the local community allows you to go further and create a greater positive impact.


Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility