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SmartAppCity is a native app for smart phones and tablets addressed to local administrations. The app brings together all city services, boosting the commercial sector, generating value for citizens and tourists, and improving the quality of life.

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Thanks to technology, cities are being increasingly converted into sensory (IoT, M2M…). The cities must establish systems capable of handling and processing the massive amount of data (Big Data) generated by their residents, services and infrastructure, thus creating value for the citizen.

SmartAppCity was created with an integrated vision to show and map all this information for the citizen in real time, providing valuable information for citizens, improving their quality of life, and generating wealth.

SmartAppCity is the first App that brings together all the city services and information on the Cloud (arrival information on public transportation, traffic cameras, alerts, news, events, open pharmacies, gas stations, ability to report incidents, tourist information and routes, city street guides, shopping, weather forecast, parking spots, QR reading, WiFi zones etc.), boosting the commercial sector and generating value for the residents, tourists, public administration and local businesses; facilitating interaction between different agents and generating added value for decision-making and citizen participation.

Under a framework of public-private partnership, the city councils will show their open data to serve the citizens, and the city shops and businesses will offer their products and services.

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