Naples Smart City


Type 2: Pre-procurement collaboration

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Non-Profit Organisation

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City Roaming (Ci.Ro)

Relevant urban sustainability topic

climate (mitigation, adaptation,…)
infrastructure (built environment)
lifestyles (sustainable consumption, recreation, leisure,…)
sustainability strategy (strategy development at city level, urban planning,…)

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Brief project summary

City roaming tests the car and van sharing capabilities of the city, as well as the complementary multimedia aids placed in most areas of the city. By automating the car-sharing process, Naples Smart City is assessing the potential for e-Governance in Naples.

Short activity description

The project is a partnership between the City of Naples, Renault, Bluwireless, Alfanom Energia, Banca Etica, and Naples Smart City, aimed at promoting a sustainable and practical mode of transportation for the city’s residents and visitors, while researching the potential for e-Governance in the municipality. The model created offers simple, practical, economic, and eco-friendly transportation that allows the municipality to work towards achieving its environmental targets in a way that generates shared value for all shareholders.

Is this project a best practice? Why?

This projects showcases an excellent example where social innovation, initiated by a variety of like-minded actors, is accompanied by long-term thinking. The research and case study analysis conducted will allow Naples and other cities around the world to learn from the successes and challenges of the project, and will increase the chances of the project being continued past the end of the trial period in May 2015.

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