Type 3: Multi-stakeholder urban alliance

Sector of the company/organisation

Automotive & Parts

Name of activity/project (or solution offered)

The Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Relevant urban sustainability topic

climate (mitigation, adaptation,…)
resource-efficiency (waste, water, materials, circular economy,…)
lifestyles (sustainable consumption, recreation, leisure,…)
social economy (unemployment, education, diversity, inclusive economy,…)
sustainability strategy (strategy development at city level, urban planning,…)

Start year


Brief project summary

Michelin Challenge Bibendum has been a gathering place for the major players of the sustainable mobility sector. The event pursues action beyond the one-off events they organise through an ongoing approach called ‘Open Lab’. It promotes and advocates sustainable and inclusive mobility, bringing together actors from across the mobility sector.

Short activity description

Although a number of public-private corporations have identified mobility as a key urban and environmental challenge, few can boast the breadth and reach of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The Open Lab brings together Michelin Challenge Bibendum’s ensemble of stakeholders and partners around the following joint initiatives:

·         Michelin Challenge Bibendum Community: Open communities to freely debate on sustainable mobility  and communities of interest oriented towards strategic anticipation

·         Knowledge Innovation Center: aimed at promoting mobility-related business opportunities

·         Field experiments: demonstrations and actions to raise awareness about new mobility products and services

·         Events: devoted to specific mobility issues

·         Joint studies

Is this project a best practice? Why?

The impact of this project, founded by such business leaders as Accenture, EDF, Faurecia, IBM, TOTAL, Engie, and Solvay, and has been joined by, among others, Orange, EY, SAFRAN and CGI, is impressive in its scope and variety. By boosting the action of their annual Michelin Challenge Bibendum event through the foundation of the Open Lab, Michelin’s initiative ensures the continuation of its leading position among mobility innovators.