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CarE: Taking CarE of Your Future

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Brief project summary

KPMG in Belgium has recently launched a pioneering green project called ‘CarE’ whose slogan ‘We take CarE of your future’ summarises its vision. The company’s employees have the opportunity to travel to clients’ sites, seminars or any other business-related event by driving 100% electric pool cars.

Short activity description

The innovative ‘CarE’ project is the new figurehead of KPMG in Belgium’s commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint. This policy was initiated as part of a wider campaign which includes, the addition of less polluting vehicles in the company’s car fleet and the promotion of eco-driving tips. The main advantage of such a means of transport is of course the avoidance of carbon dioxide emissions.

Finally, a power terminal has been installed on the external parking lot of the Brussels office, in order to be able to support the charging of both KPMG electric cars as well as those of visitors and clients.

Achieved impact

Taking one of the electric cars to drive to the European Commission in Brussels from our Brussels Office (back and forth) will lead to the avoidance of two times 1300 grams of carbon dioxide, or 2600 grams.

A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of approximately 22 kilograms a year, which means that taking the electric car in order to travel to and from the European Commission would save that tree a month and a half of work.


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