Impronta Etica


Type 2: Pre-procurement collaboration

Sector of the company/organisation


Other sector

CSR Non-Profit Organisation

Name of activity/project (or solution offered)

GAIA: Green Areas Inner-City Agreement

Relevant urban sustainability topic

climate (mitigation, adaptation,…)

Start year


End year


Brief project summary

GAIA is a LIFE project aiming to face climate change thanks to the development of a public-private partnership model to promote urban reforestation and help decrease greenhouse gases and depuration of air pollutants in urban areas.

Short activity description

The municipality of Bologna has involved the key actors of the local territory in an initiative aimed at improving the town environment and the life quality of citizens, thanks to a public-private partnership with local companies.
By cooperating in the planting process of new trees, companies compensated the emissions caused by their production activities, in this way contributing to a sustainable economic development of the city of Bologna. Through an appropriate scientific approach some types of trees which have better effects for the absorption of CO2 and for the improvement of air quality have been selected for the plantation.

Achieved impact

8 companies have been involved in the promoting committee. 24 companies in total have joined the project.
1321 trees have been planted, that absorbed 3963 tons of CO2.

Is this project a best practice? Why?

The project allowed the sharing of skills and resources towards a common objective, as it improved the qualityof life in a urban area, by reducing CO2 emissions.

What are the main lessons learned during implementation?

When different types of organizations - public and private - work together, some barriers and obstacles have to be overcome. This can be done by working together and share practices, experiences and common objectives.