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Smarter Cities Challenge

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infrastructure (built environment)

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With the aim of balancing the needs of its natural resource and refining industry with the demands of historic and cultural tourism, Mayor Roberto Visentin and the City of Siracusa have requested IBM's assistance in developing a holistic transportation plan that will support the development of multiple industries throughout the

Short activity description

During three weeks in June 2012, a team of six IBM experts worked to deliver recommendations on key challenges identified by the Mayor of Siracusa, Roberto Visentin, Deputy Mayor Concetto La Bianca and their senior leadership team. Siracusa’s continued urban vitality faces many hurdles and distractions. The City must balance the competing economic imperatives of tourism and industry with its environment, transport, culture and the preservation of its great architecture.

What are the main lessons learned during implementation?

The IBM team found the City had major assets that it could rely on for sustaining economic activity and its cultural vitality, including a deep sense of heritage, environmentally conscious management of waterways, enthusiastic stakeholders, urban professionals and planners, many ongoing projects, an engaged industrial and commercial sector and rich agriculture.


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