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IBM Smart Cities Challenge

Relevant urban sustainability topic

social economy (unemployment, education, diversity, inclusive economy,…)
sustainability strategy (strategy development at city level, urban planning,…)

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Brief project summary

IBM worked with The City of Eindhoven's Mayor Rob van Gijzel, at his request, for support and recommendations on how to better use data and technology to prevent and address organised crime, theft, and a growing black market economy. 

Short activity description

The team of five experts developed a plan to help them better engage with stakeholders within and outside the city and leverage the high-tech resources that exist in Eindhoven, including Brainport – a collaborative partnership of businesses, scientists and government dedicated to promoting technology and business development in the city.

With the recommendations of IBM in hand, The City of Eindhoven started several projects to use technology and engage with citizens to fight crime together. In some neighbourhoods, citizens, police officers and local government officials are informing each other about burglaries using social media. Also, intelligence is used to recognise patterns in criminal behavior. The city also formed a Cluster Intelligence to share security data more efficiently.

Achieved impact

After spending years in the top of the crime ranking for unsafe cities, The City of Eindhoven has improved on many fronts and is gradually becoming a smarter, safer city. Decreasing crime figures also enable citizens to perceive their city as a safer and better place to live. The City of Eindhoven will continue to work together with universities, businesses and society to develop innovative solutions that can help it and the rest of the world to move forward.


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