Type 1: Commercial partnership

Sector of the company/organisation


Name of activity/project (or solution offered)

Smarter Cities Challenge

Relevant urban sustainability topic

resource-efficiency (waste, water, materials, circular economy,…)

Start year


Brief project summary

IBM has worked hand in hand with the city of Nice in France to improve and optimise its transportation system. With this goal in mind, IBM has delivered recommendations in the following areas: Governance, Collaboration, and Smarter Mobility.

Short activity description

IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge aims to contribute to the improvement of high-potential cities around the world. In Using the real-time analysis of data, the intelligent steering platform in Nice, France will analyse and provide better management of the mobility of people and goods, environmental quality, energy efficiency and improve risk management.

Is this project a best practice? Why?

IBMs work with Nice grew out of what was originally a pro bono partnership. The fact that their cooperation was extended beyond the limits of the original non-commercial agreement acts as proof that pilot schemes and pro bono partnerships have the potential to establish a lasting, impactful collaboration between corporations and cities.