Coca Cola


Type 1: Commercial partnership

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Food & Beverages

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Public Bike Share

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Brief project summary

Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes is a self-service bike rental service open to all from 14-years old. Stations are conveniently located through each city making it easy to get around on a Coca-Cola Zero® Bike, whether it is commuting to work & meetings or some sight-seeing at your leisure.

Short activity description

The Coca-Cola Zero® Bike Service consists of stations with a terminal and stands for the Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes. The Coca-Cola Zero® Bikes are locked into the stands, when a bike is hired it is released by the system. On return, the bike is locked back into a stand at any station, and the hire is then completed.

Achieved impact

In Dublin for example the scheme has revolutionized cycling and public transport in Dublin. To date, there have been almost 8 million bike journeys on the streets of Dublin - 2.5 million journeys in the last year alone

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EU Affairs Manager, The Coca-Cola Company