City of Glasgow


Type 2: Pre-procurement collaboration

Sector of the company/organisation

Public Sector

Name of activity/project (or solution offered)

Future City Glasgow

Relevant urban sustainability topic

climate (mitigation, adaptation,…)
infrastructure (built environment)
lifestyles (sustainable consumption, recreation, leisure,…)
sustainability strategy (strategy development at city level, urban planning,…)

Start year


Brief project summary

The city of Glasgow beat 29 other cities to win £24 million in funding from the Technology Strategy Board. This money will be utilised to equip the city and its residents with cutting-edge technology that will showcase how a city of the future could function. 

Short activity description

Future City Glasgow is a collaboration between public and private sector agencies that will provide a range of services to the city. Seven projects have been identified so far:

  • City Technology Platform: over 200 data streams will be analysed and offer citizens information on various aspects of urban life
  • Operations centre: centralisation of the operation of the city’s CCTV network of cameras
  • Active Travel: making the city more cyclist-friendly
  • Energy Efficiency: make the consumption of energy more sustainable
  • Social Transport: use technology to create a flexible and efficient transport service
  • Street Lighting: trial two pilot projects of intelligent street lighting
  • Citizen Science Mapping: citizens sharing their knowledge of their city online

Is this project a best practice? Why?

Despite being funded by the UK government, Future City Glasgow is a collaboration between public and private sector agencies providing a range of services to the city. They include Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, housing providers, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, universities, energy providers and Scottish Enterprise. The project, if facilitated carefully and with long-term objectives in mind, could lead to an impactful lasting cooperation.


Public Relations Officer