Type 3: Multi-stakeholder urban alliance

Sector of the company/organisation

Automotive & Parts

Name of activity/project (or solution offered)


Relevant urban sustainability topic

resource-efficiency (waste, water, materials, circular economy,…)
sustainability strategy (strategy development at city level, urban planning,…)

Start year


End year


Brief project summary

Awards for students to develop innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and road safety.

Short activity description

Three editions of awards organized from 2012 to 2015 in partnership with the University of Nebrija and the Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT in Spanish).

Achieved impact

• 203 students participating since the 1st edition, with an increase of up to 50% each year, 55 groups formed since 2012 and 62 ideas contributed in total.

• 25 experts and opinion leaders regarding road safety, sustainable mobility, CSR or communications have collaborated in this initiative, sharing their experience and knowledge with the participating students.
• 15 Institutional representatives, from public bodies, the media, private initiatives and the academic world have supported this initiative by forming part of the judging panels.
• The unconditional support received from the Directorate General of Traffic.

Is this project a best practice? Why?

3 winning projects: An app which looks after the safety of drivers via a GPS system that analyses, in real time, variables such as speed, traffic density or visibility (2012-2013), a non-slip compound for drain grilles and covers made with recycled tuber (2013-2014) and a lighting system for cyclists integrated in a portable device which can be adapted onto different helmets and controlled from a remote attached to the handlebars (2014-2015).

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