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How to Manage Your Business Transformation Responsibly

Friday, November 1, 2019

Technological advancements, rising popularity of circular economy and green investments are forcing business models and workforce compositions. Join the Workshop "Realising Workforce Transitions to Future Jobs" on 28 November.

Technological advancements, ageing population, green investments and globalisation are all together changing how work is organised and delivered. As a result, several occupations and tasks are being re-shuffled, putting at risk the job security of employees. The workers most at risk are those carrying out routine and repetitive tasks, with lower education level and higher age as well as women. In response, companies need to step up their efforts and upgrade their HR systems and especially their workforce planning and their skills & competencies management.

In this context, CSR Europe is bringing its network together to investigate how HR transformation can support the employability of their most vulnerable workers. Join the CSR Europe workshop “Future of work & workforce transitions” on 28th November. CSR Europe will present to participating HR and CSR experts the mapping of the corporate workforce and the forecasting of future skills and occupations. The workshop will build on the findings of CSR Europe’s earlier workshop on Future of Work (March 2019) and is open to CSR Europe members regardless of their previous participation.


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Tommi Raivio

Future of Work Project Manager