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How to Develop a Business Strategy to Address the Sustainable Development Goals

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The SDG Masterclass helps companies to link their business strategy to the Sustainable Development Goals, tackling education, collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing. Discover our service for companies. The Masterclass is now available also to Sector Associations interested in implementing a sector approach to the SDGs.


The SDG Masterclass is the new interactive format that CSR Europe developed to equip companies with the right understanding and tools to bridge the gap between their strategic ambitions around SDGs and their implementation. Companies are becoming more and more mature when it comes to their sustainability management. Many have started addressing the challenges posed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they understand that sustainability is a business imperative. However, according to CSR Europe’s 2018 White Paper “Collaboration for Impact”,  there is a wide gap between company ambitions and meaningful action around the SDGs. 72% of European associations focus on sustainability from a strategic perspective, but only 35% engage in meaningful activities.

On 15th October, CSR Europe delivered the masterclass in a full-day workshop involving interested companies. Through a combination of quality content, interactive exercises, inspiration and tools, the masterclass empowered participants to advance the integration of the SDGs into the long-term strategy of their company. ”It was a great opportunity to have a 360° panoramic on the SDGs. It has a practical approach which helps to deeply learn about sustainability. It was a good occasion to discuss with other companies. This heterogeneity was a powerful motivator and got me wondering about my own idea of sustainability and on my company’ strategy” stated enthusiastically Rubinia Proli, Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement at Enel.

The SDG Masterclass has benefited over 200 companies across Europe so far and is now being offered also to sector associations and their members. Why? To build a coherent approach and strategy for the integration of the SDGs at sector level. CSR Europe offers the SDG Masterclass all year round. We will help your team to analyse your strategy, identify material areas to take action and support the development of a clear and practical action plan.


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Paula Byrne

Director of Sustainability Management & Networks

SDG Masterclass for Companies & Sectors

SDGs Masterclass for Sector Associations