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Hitachi Strengthens Wind Power Generation System Business

Monday, February 4, 2019

Hitachi has recently announced that it will strengthen its wind power generator maintenance services and expand its core product of wind power generation solution business, as part of efforts to strengthen its renewable energy business, including community-based and collaborative creation-oriented energy projects that combine solar power, storage batteries, EMS*1 and other elements. Hitachi will also strengthen its alliance with ENERCON GmbH, a manufacturer and distributor of wind power generators that boasts a leading share of the German wind power generation market and number-two share in Europe.

Wind power generation accounts for the greatest volume of electricity generated by renewable energies worldwide, and is also regarded as having the strongest future growth potential among renewables. In Japan, the adoption of wind power generation is expected to accelerate, in part thanks to support from new schemes such as the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme launched in 2012. On the other hand, the market has undergone significant changes, and while suitable land*3 for the installation of wind turbines will become limited to inland areas as flat terrain with favorable wind conditions and coastal areas become increasingly scarce, turbine blade diameters have gotten larger and the installation of wind turbines with high standalone output has advanced. Moreover, in addition to electric power companies, there is increasing involvement in wind power generation business from various other companies and groups such as private companies other than electric companies and local governments. Meanwhile business models are also in transition, shifting away from the sellout model that focused on the sale of wind power generators in favor of service models that incorporate long-term operation and management. Read more