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Hitachi - Gender Diversity Action Plan

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

Hitachi Europe is a diverse company, with a diverse workforce made up of men and women of many nationalities and ethnic groups working across many countries in Europe. However, Hitachi Europe does not employ as many women as men, especially in management positions. This is largely due to being a technology-oriented and Japanese company. To keep pace with competitors and become more innovative, Hitachi Europe has implemented a diversity action plan to address this issue.

(Please note, that while the focus is initially addressing gender diversity, Hitachi Europe places great importance on all aspects of diversity and plans to widen its focus going forward.)


The Diversity Action Planning team assessed the workforce demographic and came up with a number of appropriate targets and measures.

1. To increase the number of female managers with the following targets:

  • Appointments to management roles (including external recruitment and internal promotions) should be x % female each year within 5 years (2015);
  • Percentage of female managers in support groups should be the same as the percentage of female staff within 3 years (2013);
  • To have the first female senior manager within 3 years (until 2013) and to have at least 3 within 5 years (2015).

2. To increase the number of women in engineering/technical positions

3. To increase the number of women in sales positions

4. To enforce equal pay for equal work

5. To avoid any disadvantages for women because of gender

6. To build an appreciative culture on gender diversity with male executives and managers

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Following the project launch in 2010, actions such as making recruitment more gender friendly, running training workshops for senior managers and e-learning for all employees to raise awareness of the importance of diversity have been implemented.

The proportion of female staff has increased in the overall workforce and also at management level. The project is still at an early stage and other actions will be put in place in the coming years.

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